Socially Responsible Leadership


Our mission is to partner with our clients to help them better reflect their community inclusion, create a sustainable future, and build value for all stakeholders.

Focus was born from the reality that a disconnect exists between socially responsible initiatives which aim to maximize sustainability and being inclusive of all key stakeholders with respect to finding the most qualified talent. We bridge the chasm. 

We create avenues for confidential and meaningful dialogue among corporate directors and executive leadership. Together we navigate and steer the executive search journey for clients and candidates with a keen awareness for psychological tendencies, cultural fit, and the sociological impact on career transitions of successful individuals. 


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We at Focus & Find know that finding a socially responsible search partner to represent you is a choice not to be taken lightly. That’s why we welcome your inquiry and the scope of your goals.

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   Thought Leader


chairman & chief executive officer

Desmund Adams

From working at the prestigious, Talent Acquisition Group to founding the Focus & Find company in 2016, Desmund Adams has represented clients large and small for nearly 15 years. He made headlines in 2013 when he received a Tribute on the floor of The U.S. House of Representatives by The Honorable Tom Latham. The Honorable Member of Congress stated in the U.S. Congressional Record "Desmund Adams is the epitome of an American success story." He earlier made headlines professionally in 2007 when he placed 26 ethnically diverse candidates in Antarctica for a client multinational defense company. Desmund continues to provide the same dedication to all his clients. Desmund has hands-on experience with how corporate directorship and executive search intersect with diversity and inclusion recruitment. 



Juris Doctor, 1999

B.S., Education, 1996